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      Hungary Oriental Library for Academic Science in Hungary

     Head of the Institue : Monok, István, DSc
   Date of establishment : 1826
   Tel : (+36-1) 411-6100, (+36-1) 411-6302
   Fax : (+36-1) 331-6954
   Addres : H-1245 Budapest, P.O. Box 1002
   Email : mtak@konyvtar.mta.hu, apor@vax.mtk.hu
   Url : http://www.mta.hu, or http://www.mtak.hu/index_en.php
   More : The Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was established in 1826. According to paragraph no. 63. of Act CXL. of 1997 on the protection of cultural property and museum-type institutions, the provision of public library services and culture, the Library is a special national research library. Act XL. of 1994 on the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as well as pharagraph no. 75. of the Statutes define the scope of the Library's activities: "The Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences disseminates knowledge and promotes scientific research, historically it is a national institution making available traditional (printed, manuscript, and archival) holdings as well as other information media". The general collection, unique and multilingual in character, comprises over two million library units including the holdings of the special collections. The Library began operation in 1831, simultaneously with the Academy itself. The collection, growing with help from various sources, was opened in 1844 for scholars after the necessary organizing and processing work had been completed. In 1865 the Library received suitable and up-to-date accommodation in the newly constructed palace of the Academy, built to the plans of August Stüler. These favorable conditions made it possible in 1867, in accordance with the intention of the founder, for the Library to be opened "for the use of all citizens of the country".