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Iranology Foundation

      Russia Iranian Language and Cultural Centre

     Affiliation : Moscow State Linguistic University

   Addres : Room 53, 38 Ostozhenka St., Moscow
   Url : https://www.linguanet.ru/en/cooperation/iranian-language-and-cultural-centre
   More : The Iranian Language and Culture Centre was established in 2010 at the MSLU Faculty of Translation and Interpreting in order to promote the teaching and learning of the language, literature, history and culture of Iran. Students of Persian (Farsi) can use the Centre's library and draw on the expertise of its staff in their studies and research. The Centre hosts discussions of research papers and translations of Iranian literature. Other activities conducted by the Centre include seminars, workshops and meetings with Russian and foreign specialists in Farsi, and with authors, politicians and public figures of the Republic of Iran. The Centre is equipped with computers, copiers and other technology for use in FL learning and instruction. It is also planned to install devices for receiving audio and video materials. The Centre is currently preparing a volume of the collected works of young MSLU academics, master and doctoral students specialising in Farsi.