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Iranology Foundation

      Serbia John Naisbitt University, Iranology Room

     Head of the Institue : Ana Jurčić
   Field : Iranology
   Tel : 3811102203029, +381 (11) 220 30 30
   Addres : 8 Bulevar marsala Tolbuhina,11070 New Belgrade
   Email : ajurcic@naisbitt.edu.rs
   Url : http://en.naisbitt.edu.rs/university/
   More : Based on the council’s decision of Megatrend University on 15th April, 2015, Megatrend University changed its name to John Naisbitt University. Today, John Naisbitt University consists of 11 faculties, 2 colleges, Megatrend Virtual University and the Institute for New Technologies. Participants are offered education at 8 campuses in 6 Serbian cities (Belgrade, Zajecar, Backa Topola, Pozarevac, Valjevo, and Vrsac). After 25 years of continuous work in the field of higher education, our University has tens of thousands of active students and graduates at all levels of academic and scientific titles.