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      Germany Iranian Studies at the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies in Marburg

     Field : Institute of Iranian Studies
   Tel : 06421 28-24848
   Fax : 06421 28-24829
   Addres : Fachgebiet Iranistik, CNMS, Deutschhausstraße 12, D-35032 Marburg
   Email : iranistik@staff.uni-marburg.de, iranistik@staff.un
   Url : http://www.uni-marburg.de/cnms/iranistik
   More : Iranian Studies (Persian: ايران شناسی)is an interdisciplinary field dealing with the study of the Iranian cultural region (or the Iranian "cultural continent"[citation needed]). It incorporates the study of history, literature, art and culture of Iran. The terms Iranology and Iranistics are less commonly used. Iranian Studies is broader than and distinct from Persian Studies, which is the study of the modern Persian language and literature specifically. The discipline of Iranian Studies focuses on broad trends in culture, history, language and other aspects of a variety of Iranian peoples not only Persians, but Baluchis, Kurds, Pashtuns, Ossetians, Scythians, etc. Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_Studies Other address: Weender Landstrasse 2, 37073 Gottingen,