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      Iraq Department of Islamic Studies

     Affiliation : Salahaddin University

   Head of the Institue : Asst. Prof. Dr. Othman Mohammed Gharib
   Date of establishment : 1982
   Tel : (+87) 737 626 66859, 07504703249
   Fax : (+87) 737 626 66861
   Email : Salahhaw@web-sat.com, Usalahadin@aol.com, Uthman72
   Url : http://www.suh-edu.com/index.php?option=com
   More : Salahaddin University, previously named University of Sulaimani (found in 1968) was established in the acaemic year 1982-1983. It is the largest of the three universities in Iraqi Kurdistan, situated in the provincial capital town of Arbil. Salahaddin University consists of 11 colleges which are: College of Science founded in 1968 comprises departments of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Geology. The University is planning to admit for the academic year 1998-199, a number of 2256 students to the various colleges of the University. This is an increase of 360 students over last year. New additions inclue the College of Sports admitting 40 students (20 each of male and female), Department of Persian and English Languages.