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      Pakistan Department of Persian

     Affiliation : University of Karachi

   Head of the Institue : Prof. Dr. Rehana Afsar , Governor of Sindh
   Date of establishment : 1955
   Field : Graduate and Postgraduate Degrees in various disciplines
   Tel : (+92) 21 479001
   Fax : (+92) 21 473226
   Addres : University Campus 75270 Karachi
   Email : persian@uok.edu.pk
   Url : http://www.uok.edu.pk/faculties/persian/index.php
   More : The department of Persian was established with a view to provide facilities for advanced studies and research in the field of Persian Language and literature with particular emphasis to the - literature produced in the Pak-India Subcontinent during the last nine centuries, and to familiarize the younger generation of this country with history, language and literature of Iran. Professor Dr. Ghulam Sarwar was the first and founder Head of the Department. He and his colleagues Prof. Dr. Abid Ali Khan and Prof. Dr. S. Muti-ul-Imam after rendering brilliant services to the Department, retired respectively in 1970, 1978 and 1979.