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      Georgia National Center of Manuscript

     Head of the Institue : Tamar Gegia Email: tamunagegi@yahoo.com Mobile: (+995) 99 774660
   Date of establishment : 1958
   Tel : (+995 32) 47-42-42(104),(+995) 32 363499
   Fax : (+995) 32 363241
   Addres : 0193,Tbilisi, M. Alexidze str., N1/3
   Email : gegia@manuscript.ge
   Url : www.manuscript.ge
   More : National Centre of Manuscripts is one of the most important depositories of old manuscript books and historical documents in Georgia. The Institute of Manuscripts was set up on 30 June 1958. The founder and first Director of the Institute was Professor Ilia Abuladze, Corr, Member of the Georgian Acad . Sc. In 1962, the Institute of Manuscripts of the Georgian Acad. Sc. was named after Acad. Korneli Kekelidze. In 1968-1989 the Institute was directed by Helen Metreveli, Member of the Georgian Acad. Sc., and in 1989-2006 by Prof. Zaza Aleksidze, Corr. Member of the Georgian Acad. Sc. In 2006, the Korneli Kekelidze Institute of MSS of the Georgian Acad. Sc. was abolished and the Korneli Kekelidze Institute of Manuscripts – a legal person of public law – was set up in its place. At present Professor Buba Kudava, Cand. Sc. (History) is Acting Director of the National Centre of Manuscrips. The Centre works in two directions: museum and research.