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      Switzerland Universitat Basel

     Head of the Institue : Rector Prof. Dr. Antonio Loprieno
   Date of establishment : 1460
   Tel : +41 (0)61 267 31 11 ; +41(0)61 267 12 98
   Fax : +41(0)61 267 30 13
   Addres : Petersplatz 1, CH-4003 Basel
   Email : kommunikation@unibas.ch,
   Url : www.unibas.ch
   More : University Library Schönbeinstrasse 18-20, CH - 4056 Basel Tel. +41 (0)61 267 31 00, E-Mail: IVS-ub@unibas.ch 1460 At the instigation of the Council of Basel and privileged by Pope Pius II, the University of Basel was founded in 1460. Originally, it consisted of three principal faculties (Divinity, Law, Medicine) as well as an Arts faculty (designed to prepare students for courses in the other three faculties). 1622 The University library is established, comprising the existing University collection and the stocks of secularized cloisters. 1835 The Freiwillige Akademische Gesellschaft (an association of patrons) is established. 1890 First admission of female students. 1919 The Volkshochschule (a centre for continuing education open to the general public) is established. 1937 New legislation divides the university into five faculties. The sciences now form a separate faculty. 1971 The Biozentrum is opened. 1979 The Seniorenuniversität (a centre for continuing education designed to meet the needs of senior citizens) is established. 1994 A contract between Basel-City and Basel-Land comes into force to regulate the latter’s stake in the University. 1996 The University of Basel is granted autonomy from state administration and enters self-management. 2000 The Centre of Pharmaceutical Sciences is opened. 2003 The Faculty of Psychology is established.