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      United Kingdom Center for Islamic Studies (School of Theology, Religious Studies and Islamic Studies)

     Affiliation : University of Wales Lampeter

   Head of the Institue : Dr Catrin Williams
   Date of establishment : 1822
   Field : to study many aspects of Islam and Muslims
   Tel : +44 (0)1570-424708, 01570 422351 , 01570 424742 (4742)
   Fax : +44 (0)1570 424987
   Addres : Lampeter Campus, University of Wales Trinity SaintDavid ,Lampeter Campus,Ceredigion,SA48 7ED,
   Email : trs@lamp.ac.uk, vacancies@tsd.ac.uk , c.h.williams
   Url : http://www.lamp.ac.uk/cis/ ; http://www.trinitysaintdavid.ac.uk/en/schooloftheologyreligiousstudiesandislamicstudies/#
   More : The study of Islam has been an important academic discipline within British universities for many years. At the University of Wales, Lampeter, Islamic Studies offers opportunities to study many aspects of Islam and Muslims in-depth - in both historical and contemporary contexts. This includes the chance to focus specificially on Islam in a modern context, with an emphasis on relevant issues of concern to Muslims in the UK (and beyond). There is also an opportunity to study traditional approaches to Islam, Islamic issues, and Muslim communities in a variety of contemporary, historical and cultural contexts. Like other academic areas, Islamic Studies applies rigid analytical and critical approaches towards its multi-/inter-disciplinary subject areas. The Centre for Islamic Studies is part of the Department of Theology, Religious Studies and Islamic Studies, and attracts a broad range of postgraduate and undergraduate students. Islamic Studies staff are subject-specialists, who have published and researched widely in related fields of study. History of the institute: This new school, the outcome of a historic merger between Trinity University College, Carmarthen and the University of Wales, Lampeter, has resulted in one of the largest and most distinguished schools in the United Kingdom. Meeting the growing demand for provision at every level of the higher education world, students can find a wealth of undergraduate courses, postgraduate diplomas, certificates, MAs, MPhil and PhD opportunities in a number of areas. Single Honours BA degrees are offered in Theology, Religious Studies and Crefydd a Chymdeithas. The BA Crefydd a Chymdeithas is the new Welsh medium scheme, which offers students the possibility of doing their whole course through the medium of Welsh. The School also offers the Joint Honours degree in Islamic Studies and Religious Studies, which is a joint honours programme with Arabic as an optional component of the course. There are many options for Joint Honours degrees, for example in Theology and Philosophy and Religious Studies and Anthropology. Numerous MA courses include World's Religions, Theology, Islamic Studies, Religious Experience and more. We invite you to spend a few minutes searching this website for the course that fits you. Our students become a part of an important historic tradition: we are the first school of its kind in Wales and one of the oldest in the United Kingdom. This rich heritage is reflected in the historic buildings, the Founders' Library and the sense of beauty that surrounds each of our campuses. This is a school that is keen to pursue its connection to the context of Wales and religious identities in Wales whilst also reaching out to the world with expertise in religious traditions that span the globe. Ninian Smart, one of the greatest modern authorities on the study of religion and a regular visitor to the department once said, “You cannot do better in Britain in the field than here”. John Hick, Archbishop Rowan Williams, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr and His Holiness the Dalai Lama are just some of the many leading figures that have been associated with various courses in this exciting school.