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     Affiliation : contributions from foundations, corporations, and individuals and by funds generated by the Amman operation

   Head of the Institue : Dr. barbara A.porter
   Date of establishment : 1968
   Field : Oriental research
   Tel : (9626) 534-6117
   Fax : (9626) 534-4181
   Addres : P.O. Box 2470, Amman 11181,
   Email : acor@go.com.jo, acor@acorjordan.org
   Url : http://acorjordan.org/index.php/en/ , www.acorjordan.org ; www.bu.edu/acor
   More : Histoty of institute: The American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR) in Amman, Jordan was founded in 1968. ACOR promotes study, teaching, and increased knowledge of ancient and Middle Eastern studies with Jordan as a focus. ACOR's permanent headquarters opened in 1986 near the University of Jordan. ACOR's dedication to this mission appears in all of its activities. To provide a large library and residential and hostel facilities, creating a stimulating environment for researchers. To offer fellowships and scholarships to faculty and students. To connect foreign scholars pursuing research with Jordanian academic and government institutions. To sponsor public lectures mainly on archaeology and other outreach programs. To publish books and newsletters. To facilitate teaching and training programs. To assist archaeological field projects in Jordan. To undertake cultural research management and conservation initiatives as well as excavation and documentation projects. ACOR is a private nonprofit academic organization registered with the government of Jordan and also tax exempt in the United States as a 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the United States Internal Revenue Service. ACOR is supported by grants, contributions from foundations, corporations, and individuals as well as by ACOR endowments and funds generated by the Amman operations. Scope institute: The American Center of Oriental Research in Amman is the largest research institute in Amman, Jordan. Each visitor to the center marvels at the pleasant working atmosphere and the excellent working conditions provided by the facility and the staff manning the center. It is key to archaeological, social and scientific research in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Middle East. The extensive 35,000 volume library provides researchers, students and professors with resources in numerous fields. Head of Institute in Amman: Dr. Christopher Tuttle Head of Institute in Boston: Dr. Donald Keller Address of the u.s.: 656 Beacon Street, Fifth Floor; Boston, MA 02215-2010 USA; TEL: 617-353-6571; FAX: 617-353-6575; E-mail: acor@bu.edu (Use the Boston Office for donations of books or any donation, mailing of funds to residents of ACOR in Amman and general coordination with the organization. Dr. Keller can provide updated information on almost any subject matter or direct you to the correct ACOR committee, for the data.)