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      Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences

     Head of the Institue : Dr. Salikhov Shavkat Ismailovich
   Date of establishment : 1943
   Field : political, economic, social, cultural and spiritual life of the people.
   Tel : (99871) 233-68-47, 233-59-67
   Fax : (99871) 233-7482
   Addres : 2, Mavlyanov St., Tashkent, 700084
   Email : academy@academy.uznet.net
   Url : http://www.uzsci.net/
   More : To date, Academics and other leading scientists of the Academy of Sciences conduct their activities in various fields of science and education. Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan is actively involved in international cooperation, scientific contacts are established and joint research is conducted with research organizations, scientific societies, institutions and universities of more than 40 countries of the world.