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Iranology Foundation

      Bulgaria Department of Iranian Studies

     Affiliation : Sofia University

   Head of the Institue : Ivo Panov
   Date of establishment : 1959
   Field : Iranian Studies
   Tel : (+359) 2 85 81; 359 2 87 39 96; 359 2 85 82 07; (+359 2) 9308 ; (+359 2) 23 296
   Fax : (+359) 2 94 60 255; (+359 2) 9460 255
   Addres : St. Kliment Ohridski, Sofia University, 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., 1504 Sofia,
   Url : http://iranistikata.hit.bg/en_en/start.htm
   More : Iranology is a branch of Orientalism, which appeared in the end of the 20th. century, after the deciphering of the cuneiform and the translation of the old book of the Iranian peoples - Avesta. In Bulgaria Iranology is studied as a separate specialty as of 1993/94 year. Students iranologists have to learn persian and kurdish languages, the history and literature of Iran for four years, and they can attend any of the courses and modules of the other specialties in the Center for Eastern Languages and Cultures of the Sofia Universities. Those who have graduated find their realisation in the fields of diplomacy, business relation, academical activities, special services and others. Scholars and Scientific Staff: 1- Full Name: Mr. Ivo Panov ; Main Field of Study: History of Iran ; Subject of Interest: Persian Literature 2- Full Name: Mrs. Ludmila Yaneva ; Main Field of Study: Linguistics, Morphology and Syntax of Persian Language 3- Full Name: Mrs. Iveta Zlatarova ; Main Field of Study: Persian Grammar Title of the Courses: 1- History and Civilization of Persia 2- Practical Persian Language 3- Theoretical Persian Language 4- Persian Classical Literature Name of the Library: National Library "St. Kiril and Methody" ; Number of Manuscripts books: 114 See also: www.uni-sofia.bg/ rectorat@admin.uni-sofia.bg