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Iranology Foundation

      Turkey Department of Persian Language

     Affiliation : University of Ataturk (Enzurum)

   Head of the Institue : Clifford M. HARDIN
   Date of establishment : 1957
   Email : ata@atauni.edu.tr
   Url : http://www.atauni.edu.tr/eng_ver/index.php
   More : The linkage envisioned a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas among the faculties of the two universities. Nebraska and Eastern Turkey had a number of shared interests. Both regions are highly dependant upon agricultural economies of mixed grain and livestock operations. Nebraska, like Eastern Turkey, was interested in developing food processing industries and addressing potential problems associated with irrigated agriculture. Researchers in Turkey challenged with developing the agricultural economy of Eastern Turkey. Nebraska researchers were challenged with sustaining the viability of an agricultural based economy. Faculty at both universities needed to respond to the need for well trained and educated young scientists, educators and business managers to help Turkey and Nebraska reach their full economic potentials.