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Iranology Foundation

      Turkey Department of Persian Language

     Affiliation : University of Ankara

   Date of establishment : 1933
   Tel : (+90) 0312 212 60 40
   Fax : (+90) 0312 212 60 49
   Addres : Ankara University Rectorate, Dogol Caddesi, 06100 Tandogan, Ankara
   Email : bim@ankara.edu.tr
   Url : www.ankara.edu.tr
   More : We have prep schools, offering intensive foreign language courses in Agriculture, Communication, Veterinary Medicine, Law and Science Faculties. Ankara University TOMER (Turkish Language Teaching, Research and Implementation Center), with it’s across the country branches, is providing language education to more than 20000 people in 20 different languages per year. These services are not only used by Turkish people but also by foreigners. Parallel with the western oriented social and economic policies that are in place in Turkey, the demand for foreign language courses from the business world is increasing.