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      Russia Moscow State Institute of International Relations

     Affiliation : Russia's Ministery of Foreign Affairs

   Head of the Institue : Torkonov Anatoli Vasilyuvich ; Khaliva Irina Ivanova
   Date of establishment : 1944
   Tel : +7(495) 434 906 2 / +7(495) 434 008 9
   Fax : +7(495) 434 9066
   Addres : Russia, 119454, Moscow, prospekt Vernadskogo, 76
   Email : umosmgimo@gmail.com
   Url : http://english.mgimo.ru/
   More : Affiliated to: University of the MFA of Russia This Institute has Persian Programs in Linguistics Department. MGIMO is Russia's most prestigious educational institution for young people with international interests. For international students, MGIMO is that and more: a modern, welcoming, and intellectually stimulating place to study in Russia’s greatest city. MGIMO, which, in Russian, stands for Moscow State Institute of International Relations, was founded on October 14, 1944 when the USSR Council of People’s Commissars reorganized the recently created School of International Relations of the Moscow State University into an independent institute. Initially called the Institute of International Relations (IMO) its first 200 students were veterans who had survived the ordeals of the Second World War and were determined to build international peace and stability.