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Iranology Foundation

      Russia Center for Iranian Studies, Institute of Oriental Studies

     Affiliation : Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences

   Head of the Institue : Professor Mikhail S. Meyer
   Date of establishment : 1956
   Tel : +7 (095) 203-64-76
   Addres : 125009 Moscow, Mokhovaya st., 11
   Email : office@iaas.msu.ru
   Url : http://www.iaas.msu.ru/index_en.html
   More : STRUCTURE The Institute comprises three sections: Philology, History and Socio-Economics, providing students with equal volume of knowledge of Oriental and West-European languages. I. For those specializing in History the main courses are: General History, History of Russia, History of Asian and African Countries, Archaeology, Ethnology and a number of special disciplines. II. Specialization in Philology is based on the departments of Arabic Philology, Iranian Philology, Turkish Philology, Indian Philology, Chinese Philology, African Studies and Philology of South-East Asia, Mongolia and Korea, Japanese Philology, West - European languages. The courses in Linguists, Literature Studies, General Linguistics and History of Literature as well as special courses in Theoretical Phonetics, Grammar, Lexicology, Dialectology and History of a chosen oriental language and in literature, culture, geography and political system of the country or region being studied will be presented to you during the period of study. III. During your studies at the Socio-Economic division you will take a number of general courses in Higher Mathematics, Economic Statistics, Financial and Credit systems, Economics and economic Geography of Asian and African Countries, Economics of Russia, International Economic Relations as well as special courses on Economics of regions and countries of your interest. DEPARTMENTS Arabic Philology Indian Philology Iranian Philology Chinese Philology Turkish Philology Economics and Economic geography of Asian and African Countries History of Near and Middle East International Economic Relations