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Iranology Foundation

      United Kingdom The Oriental Institute, University of Oxford

     Affiliation : Wolfson College, University of Oxford

   Head of the Institue : Professor Dame Hermione Lee
   Date of establishment : 1965
   Field : Oriental Studies
   Tel : (+44) 186 527 4100
   Fax : (+44) 186 527 4125
   Addres : Wolfson College, Linton Road, Oxford OX2 6UD,
   Email : academic.secretary@wolfson.ox.ac.uk
   Url : http://www.wolfson.ox.ac.uk/
   More : In 1965, the University founded Iffley College in order to provide for members of its academic staff who held no college fellowship. In 1966, Sir Isaiah Berlin, then Fellow of All Souls and Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory, was invited to be the College's first President. Through his efforts, generous benefactions were received from the Wolfson Foundation and the Ford Foundation, which enabled the College, now renamed as Wolfson, to make provision for graduate students also. The first of these were admitted in October 1968. The College's buildings, designed by architects Powell and Moya, were ready for occupation in 1974. The College received its Royal Charter in 1981.