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Iranology Foundation

      Armenia Caucasian Center for Iranian Studies

     Head of the Institue : Prof. Garnik Asatrian
   Date of establishment : 1996
   Field : To coordinate academic research on Iran and Eastern studies.
   Tel : (+3741) 56 72 07, 567207 office, 274470 GA, 272466 VA, 556191
   Addres : 26 Khorenatsi St., Yerevan 375010,
   Email : caucas@infocom.am
   Url : http://www.brill.nl/ic, http://www.ngo.am/eng/index.asp?page=ecnl_ngo_details&NID=362
   More : Iran and the Caucasus, Edited by Garnik Asatrian, as of volume 6 published by Brill, deals with the history of the Iranian and Caucasian peoples. This multi-disciplinary and peer-reviewed journal aims at furthering our knowledge of the region on a wide variety of fields; economy, social sciences, archaeology, religion, literature, philology, and anthropology. Iran and the Caucasus is edited under the guidance of an editorial board consisting of scholars from the region itself, as well as from Europe and the United States. It is therefore unique in being a scholarly forum in the truest sense of the word on a region of growing importance, and a treasure-trove of information otherwise hard to get at. Iran and the Caucasus is supported by the Caucasian Center for Iranian Studies in Yerevan, Armenia, and now published by Brill. Predominantly written in the English language.