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      Poland Institute of Orienal Philology

     Head of the Institue : Anna Krasnowolska
   Tel : 633- 63-77 EXT.2326
   Addres : Mickiewicza 9/11, 31-120 Kraków
   Url : http://www2.uj.edu.pl/ects/faculties/philology/credits/oriental.html
   More : IRANIAN DEPARTMENT Head: Dr hab. Anna Krasnowolska (classical and contemporary Persian literature, culture of Indo-Iranian peoples) Docent: Dr hab. Andrzej Pisowicz (grammar and historical phonetics of Persian, Armenian language - dialectology, new Persian, Arabic and Turkish loans in Middle Armenian language) Associate Professor: Dr hab. Jadwiga Pstrusińska (Pashto language, Indo-Iranian languages substratum, socio-linguistics of Afghanistan, secret languages of Central Asia, Old Celtic culture in relation to Hindukush culture) Assistant Professor: dr Barbara Mękarska (diachronic Iranian linguistics) Assistants: dr Kinga Maciuszak (diachronic word formation, etymology of new Persian Lexics, dialects of northern Iran) Mgr Tomasz Gacek (Iranian linguistics) Lector: Hayedeh Vambakhsh (practical Persian) Doctoral student: mgr Renata Rusek (Persian literature, spoken Persian) Main subject of research: Classical and contemporary Persian literature, diachronic Iranian linguistics and phonetics, East and West-Iranian linguistics, etymology of New Persian lexics, diachronic word formation, culture of Iranian peoples, history of Iran, sociological issues of Afghanistan, secret languages of middle Asia, Armenian language; dialectology, new Persian. Arabic and Turkish borrowings in middle Iranian, Celtic - Asiatic parallels Main subjects taught: New Persian language (literary and colloquial - Teheran dialect), descriptive grammar of Persian, Pashto and Armenian, diachronic grammar of Persian, classical and contemporary Persian literature, Afghan literature, the history, geography and ethnography of Iran, cultural tradition of Iran and Afghanistan. Edited primers and course books: W. Dulęba, Klasyczne podstawy poetyki perskiej, (The Classical bases of Persian Poetics) Kraków 1986 A. Krasnowolska, A. Pisowicz, Az in dar va az an dar, skrypt dla studentów iranistyki lat II-V, (course books for students) Kraków 1981 F. Machalski, Wypisy perskie, (Persian anthology part I)), Kraków 1953 F. Machalski, Wypisy perskie, cz. 2, literatura klasyczna Iranu (X-XIX lecture) (Persian Anthology, part 2, Classicla Literature of Iran, X-XIX cent.), Kraków 1958 A. Pisowicz, Farsi - materiały pomocnicze do nauki języka perskiego, (Teaching Materials for the Study of Persian) Kraków 1979 A. Pisowicz, M. Fraç yon, Farsi - materiały do nauki języka perskiego (Materials for Studying Persian), 3rd completed and revised edition, Kraków 1995 J. Pstrusińska, Pashto au Dari, Selections for Studying the Official Languages of Afghanistan and Their Literature, Kraków 1985