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Iranology Foundation

      Georgia G. Tsereteli Institute of Oriental Studies, Georgian Academy of Sciences

     Affiliation : Georgian Academy of Sciences

   Head of the Institue : George Sanikidze
   Date of establishment : 1960
   Tel : (+99532) 23-23-72
   Fax : (+99532) 233008
   Addres : Acad. G.Tsereteli 3,Tbilisi - 62, 380062
   Email : root@orient.acnet.ge
   Url : http://www.acnet.ge/orient.htm
   More : Study of Indo-Iranic, Semitic, Turkic and Old Oriental Languages' phonetic-phonological and grammatical structures with comparative-typological methods. Theoretical, historical and descriptive lexicological aspects of these Languages. Aspects of Assyrian-Babylonic and Old Hebrew hymnography, middle centuries' Iranian Aesthetic thinking, Problems of Persian and Turkish Poetry. History of literature of Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Azer, Byzantine, Sirian and their relationship with Georgian literature. Near East folklore. Social - Economic development of Near and Middle East Countries and Political history in Middle Ages. Modern national, ethnocultural and ethnodemographical processes. Source Study and special historical disciplines.